Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Kroger Rx savings Got a $25 Gift Card for filling my prescription

Do you know Kroger and all the stores in their family(Ralph smiths Dillons, etc) accept Competitor Rx coupons?. i used one walgreens coupon for $25 Gift Card when you transfer a Rx you can print the coupon from this post on
Rx Coupon
total cost of Rx: $10
Gift Card $25
The cost of the Rx will be submitted to my flexible spending account for reimbursment
I have another Rx to be filled tommorow so total would be $50 to spend on Gymboree for DS
I'll show you tommorow how I will do that

What I bought today

Today after work I got the following....

13 rolls of Scott Paper Towels

Gallon of Milk

2 packages of Shrimp Poppers

1 Package of Tortillas

10 Excedrins (trial size)

2 bottles of Rx essentials Vit B tablets

Aunt Gemima pancake syrup

3 Packages of Fresh Express Salad

A large Carton of Yogurt

Total OOP : $4

Savings: $33

How Did I do this?

Scott Paper Towels $10/10 single Mega Roll I used 13 $1 internet coupon printed from scott towel site.... so came out Free

10 excedrins for $1 each at Kroger
used 2$ internet coupons got them from

got $10 to use for the syrup, yogurt shrimp poppers tortillas

3 packages of Fresh Express salad ....on clearance for $ 1 each
had a coupon for 50 cents off any salad.My Kroger doubles upto 50 cent so free for me!

2 bottles of Rx essentials from Walgreens 6.69 Buy one get one free
so I used
$5 on any bottle from used 2 of them so got $3.69 to use towards the milk!

so my out of pocket expenses were around $4

See I told you this is easy!

I did not even count the excedrin and vitamins towards the total as I really did not need them and bought them just to get overage (money towards my other purchases) .my total saved would be probably $16 more if I included these