Saturday, May 10, 2008

My recent haul from walgreens and CVS

Walgreens just had the most awesome promotion they have had in the last year!
It was buy 6 any CG products get $20 in register rewards.

I think I had the most fun in the last few months from this promotion.Using coupons I ended up with tons of toothpaste, CG makeup and almsot $300 in Register Rewards!!

Also CVS had an awesome deal on huge wipe packages that were on clearance for $4 each.I had $3 coupons + Extra care bucks so ended up with a ton of stuff for free too!

some pics of my haul..Does not include all of it! as it was too much !

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Free Kashi Cereal at Walmart and Target

Thanks to for this info

print off a $2 coupon off any kashi product from this link
Many kashi products are priced around this price at Target and walmart including cereal waffles and even packaged dinners.(many varieties in this and found in the frozen section).

Some targets have small boxes for $1 each on clearance you can use them and get them free with possible overage!

Betty Crocker's Suddenly Salad Free or very cheap after coupon

Betty Crocker's suddenly salad is a great way to have a pasta salad as a side dish.
There is a 40 cents off one coupon at

Kroger doubles coupons upto 50 cents everyday , and these are often for sale $10/10 or a dollar each.with the coupon it could be free at some places or only 20 cents each!

Free Live active cereal at Walmart

Kraft live active cereal is >$3 at walmart

Print out 2 $3 coupons at this link and get them for free!

Free Gilette Body wash at Walgreens.

walgreens has mens 2 in 1 bodywash for 3.39 right now as reported on
buy one and a coupon pops out for one free one!

use the free coupon and you get another free one!

you can get a great supply of bodywash for just the initial investment of 3.39 !