Friday, May 16, 2008

My Great Walmart and Kroger and CVS run today.

Today I had a great run at Kroger and walmart!
Got the following products
10 vitamin waters.
1-Pepperridge farm cinnamon bread
4-small Dannon yogurts
1-Dannon Kids yogurt pack
1-silk soymilk Quart
4-Huggies wipes clean team
4 clean clear trial size
3-Live Active, Kashi, honey bunches cereal
1-Kraft Cheese Live Active
5-Nesquik Milk shakes
3-Tums Quick Pack
1-Shick Razor
3 packs of Rolaids

spent $3 at Kroger and $2 at Walmart used a gift card to pay for it.(Got overage from Glucerna shakes,clean clear and bic razor) so OOP was zero! also had coupons for everything free or nearly free.

Spent $12 at CVS in ECB got $21 in ECB back !

Wish every trip was like this !

Double your coupons !

I just found about this site from another blog

you can find coupons here that you can load electronically on your grocery card. The coupons are applied to your purchase when you swipe your card.You can use paper coupons on the same item.The coolest thing is the electronic coupons also double according to your store policy so you get a double discount!
Right now they have great coupons including $2 off Huggies, Yoplait , Total raisin bran.You can get pretty good deals with this site so do take a look!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Target and Walgreens deals today

Fisher price bounce spin zebra $11.24 paid with gift card from Aveeno deal OOp zero $$
Tigi Bed Head Dryer (thanks to poster on HCW) found it on clearance for $15.49 paid with PG catalina from previous deal Out of Pocket $0
Also bought
chicken wings from food lion $1.29
Gwaltney baloney $1
Food Lion wipes (free after coupon)
Fat free milk $1

paid with gift card (visa card that I got from the PG deal) so Out of pocket was zero !

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Walmart Trip today

Got the following items.

Resolve Carpet Cleaner 4.29( had a mail in rebate on it)
Paper plates $1
3 boxes of Quaker oatmeal $2.99 each ( had $1 coupon for each)
A bag of Fries $1.50
2 glucerna shakes at 5.49 each (had 2 $10 coupons for them got overage for the other items)
Diet 7up $ 1 .25

Paid $7 on a gift card will mail in rebate for cleaner and get 4.29 back so Out of Pocket would be $2.70 Not to bad for items we really needed!