Friday, May 30, 2008

My Great Target and CVS deals for today $30 in Gift Cards and $23 in ExtraCare Bucks

Today I had such fun at CVS and Target.Sometimes I wish everyday was like this!

First of All I'll talk about my CVS Deal This is what I got with Coupon links

3 Crest Vivid White (used 3,$3 coupons from a Proctor & Gamble promotion)so free
3 Huggies Pullups Mega Packs (these were $16.99 each as but I had a raincheck for them ,they were adjusted to 9.99 each)
3 CVS allergy Meds $9 for all
One CVS tissue Box $1.79
One FreeStyle Monitor for 9.99 (rang up as $20 and was adjusted down so I used a coupon for free monitor )
also used a
4/20 printable
5/15 receipt coupon (as my total was pretty big they allowed it.)
-$6 in Huggies Pullup printables (see for this coupon)
also got a gallon of milk $4.29

Total was $85 before adjustments
After coupons $36
Used $35 in Extracare bucks
Got $23 back in Extracare bucks.
Paid $1 out of Pocket.


I think I has the most fun at Target today. Got $30 back in Target gift cards and paid $15 from a previous Target gift card so out of pocket was zero!
This is what I got

6 perfect 10 haircolors. .$11.99 each (used buy one get one free x3 from the past PG insert, also used $5 Target perfect 10 coupon on each,my store takes expired coupons till 30days past so please no angry comments accusing me of fraud!! )

One Bob the builder Vtech Laptop clearanced for $4 .(You might wanna look out for this originally $20)
Archers Farms Pomegranate Juice $1
2 bertolli meals clearanced to $3 each (used $2.50 each from
2 pack of Scrubbing Bubbles shower cleaner $7 (used $7 coupon on any cleaner ,that I got directly from SC Johnson)
Carnation Instant Breakfast $3 on sale (used $2 coupon printable)
One glucerna pack $7 on sale (used $10 coupon that I traded for so got $3 overage)
2 Purnina Kitty Chow packs $2 each (used $4 coupon printable also traded for) so got $4 overage as it is for any size
One reynold foil on clearance $1 each used $1 coupon so free.

Total out of Pocket was $15
Got $30 back in Gift cards from the perfect 10 deal (it is buy one get $5 gift card) I did 2 of them in one transaction so had to do 3 different ones to get all of them

I wish everyday was like this!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Free Tide with Dawn

Free Sample of Sunsilk with $2 Gift Card

Free Teddy Grahams Sample

Free Yoplait Kids Yogurt

Free Clean Clear Morning Burst

Free Gillette Mens Bodywash Sample

Free Sample of Benefiber

Sample of FiberOne

Free Sample of Huggies Pullups

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Perdue Coupon Cheap Chicken Breasts!

You can print off two $2 coupon off Use zipcode 15237.
after printing one you can go back and print another one

these are often marked down to $3 or so a package at walmart Kroger etc.Get yourself some cheap chicken !

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Current Freebies for Today

If you love Freebies and free samples this post is specially for you!

Here are some really nice ones.

Free Sample of Underjams (like Goodnites) underswear

Free Curel Life Stages Moisturizer sample

Free Sample of Baby Phat Fabulosity perfume

Free Sample of Aveda Green Life Lifting serum

Free Tripod Many other items free with Google Checkout !

Sign up for EBATES
first so you can get 1% of your purchase back.
then got to within the menu of ebates (Once you log in you can type in and it gives a link )
They have a Hakuba TP-3 Tabletop Tripod with Ball Head which is $10 or free with Google checkout with free shipping!.You also get back 1% back of your purchase from EBATES
I use it all the time for my online purchases and just recently got back a check for $80 for doing nothing but just purchasing through EBATES
Once you get to type in Hakuba TP-3 Tabletop Tripod with Ball Head .

When you checkout sign up for Google Checkout and go through it so you can get $10 off and for free! you will need a credit card for this but it will not be charged as the item with shipping is free!

Or you can also get this
Dane-Elec 2GB zMate Pen USB 2.0 Flash Drive for free with Google checkout too! .use the same method I described above and type in Dane flash drive to see it.

You might be able to find other items free or very cheap after google checkout.Just do a search on to see.

If anything is not so clear for Newbies kindly leave me a comment and I will try to answer your question.

My Nice CVS trip Free Nexxus,Cat Food Pediasure

I had a nice trip on Thursday at CVS
Got the following

3 Purina Cat Chow bags @ $4.25 each (on clearance)
One Container $2.50 ..Clearance price!
1 pediasure ( 6.25 clearance price )
One FreeStyle Monitor (got it to donate and keep the extracarebucks for myself :))
4 Nexxus products mostly shampoos (I've heard they are awesome for dry hair)

Total was around $65

Out of Pocket was around $1.25 + $20 in Extracare bucks.

Got $30 back in Extracare bucks (From Nexxus and glucose monitor)


I have been getting numerous emails asking me how I have been doing these deals so I decided to post details every time for newbies to help make them understand.

used the following coupons.

3-$4 Purina Cat Chow coupons .Link to print coupon below You have to answer 10 quetions then they will allow you to print one.hit back and print another one

One Pediasure $4 coupon ( I got this one from Ebay a long time ago)

One $10 Freestyle monitor coupon (These are found on the CVS pharmacy counter around the monitors)

4 Nexxus Coupons for $1 each (These were printable coupons that are not available anymore:( )

after using $20 in extracare bucks I paid $1.25 cash and got back $20 in extracare bucks.

Hope this helps newbies!
If you don't know what are extracarebucks do a google search and you can see details about these.Basically these are like cash at the CVS store and you can buy whatever you like with them.

Free Sample of Mary kay Timewise Microdermabrasion set

See more details about this sample here.