Monday, April 14, 2008

Food Lion deal of the day

Food Lion has some Awesome coupons going on right now valid till May 17th or so
One of the best is that you can get a bakery item for free upto 4.99.This will scan on items less than the price so you can get some overage(money towards other purchases) if you are lucky.Other great ones are 1.50 off FL wipes so you can get free wipes as well.One super coupon is $2 off any gerber utencil.Everyone needs extra sippy cups don't we ?:)

Today I got

One big Cake
Food Lion Wipes
Gerber baby food
Saran Wrap
Kit Kat candy bar
Gerber sippy cup

All for about 39 cents tax.!!
you can get the coupons by subscribing to food lion emails or checking out the food lion section at

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