Sunday, June 8, 2008

Valid Rebates for this month

I've been reading information about rebate offers for years but after doing a few found out that I was neither organized nor efficient enough to do these so I gave up.
But this time I made an exemption and did the walgreens softsoap rebate in May and received a $12 rebate for spending almost nothingout of pocket with coupons. Also received a $45 check from Ebates for doing well ...almost nothing but shopping throught them ...So now I am officially hooked!
I will be sending in about $40 worth of rebates from my CVS shopping sprees soon! Rebates are actually a great way of converting your extracare bucks into cash if you have any extra lying around.

I am posting some information about the current rebate offers.These are the ones that I am planning to do .I will also post some coupons that you can use and try to spend the minimum out of pocket to send for your rebate.Some of this information is from other blogs .

Tums QuikPak - Free After Rebate

You can get the Tums QuikPak 24 ct or larger (up to $6.99) FREE after rebate. Purchases must be dated between 5/18/08 & 6/30/08. Form must be received by 7/15/08.

"Submit a 3x5 card with your full name and mailing address along with the UPC and your cash register receipt to the following address. Mail to the following address:

Tums Cash Refund Offer
P.O Box 1356
Grand Rapids MN55745-1356

Centrum Cardio Vitamins - Free After Rebate

Thanks to Budget Helps for posting this Free After Rebate form for Centrum Cardio Vitamins. I believe there was a $3 coupon in the 5/4 Red Plum Insert.

Click here to download the form.

Yo-Plus Yogurt Guarantee

Spoted this offer in Harper Bazaar magazine while flipping pages at the Dr's office.

BuyYoplait Yo-Plus yogurt at Walmart for a "Feel A Difference" Guarantee. You have to buy 3 packages (you have to eat it for 10 days) and if you don't feel a difference you can get a refund check.

You can print the rebate form online here You can also print $1/1 coupons from the banner on this page on the right hand side if you wish!

Worth a try if you like Yogurt.

Free 6-Pack of Ensure After Rebate

Click here to print a rebate form for a free 6 pack of Ensure! Expires 12-08. Click here to use a $3/1 coupon on your purchase and a coupon for a free single bottle!

Free Gerber Nuk Bottle

Thanks to Budget Helps I saw on her blog that the free Gerber Nuk Bottle after rebate is still valid! Click here to print the form. Expires 10/10/08.

It has been reported they are sending $5 regardless of how much you spend so might be worth a try as it retails pretty cheap at walmart! Great as a baby shower gift.

Spray N' Wash Max-

Satisfaction guarantee.CLICK here to print form and details.Remember do this ONLY if you are not satisfied with it!

Just For Men Touch of Gray

I bought this product for a rebate about 2mths ago from CVS as it was free after extracare bucks. There are 2 rebates for it click on the links below to see!

Touch of Gray

Just for Men

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