Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The GREAT 1-800-Flowers Valentine Promotion Almost Free Cheesecake and Flowers.

Today I got the both items above only for about $5 including shipping ! Read on if you would like to know how !!

Walgreens has a $5 Harry Landon box of chocolates ( Heart shaped boxes, with a soft fabric cover)with a peelie coupon containing a $20-1800-flowers savings pass. Note that this isn't a coupon - it's more like a gift card. So not only does it work for all of their items that "are not available for coupons"but you can also combine the 15% code off if you have one in your email !

I used 4 of the Walgreens RR's and bought 4 boxes of chocolate as gifts for coworkers.

Total for the cheesecake and flowers came out to be around $85 after the 15% coupon code.

Used 4 of the $20 gift codes on these items.

Paid $5 out of pocket.

I will also be getting back 12% cashback from EBATES so in essential I will be making $7 by just ordering cheesecake and Flowers delivered to my home !

Look her for the possible discounted items plus free shipping on 1-800-Flowers.com


1-800 -Flowers

Please remember do NOT take the peelies without buying the boxes.!Many stores are treating that as theft!

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