Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Target Seasonal Clearance upto 50% Off !

It has been reported that Target is having a seasonal clearance on many household stuff including the following

12 rolls paper towels (target brand, UP & Up) $6.74

24 rolls Scott toilet paper $7.48

2 pack giant 64oz softsoap brand refills $3.44 -$1 Peelie coupon on some of them.

30 pack quaker instant oatmeal flavored variety pack $3.48 - $1 coupon makes this $2.48

2 pack Kelloggs red berry cereal $3.24 - (1.50 for two Kellogs coupon on

Crest White strips $12 -$7 coupon in PG insert =$5

Again this may vary in each store.Checks your's out before it is gone!

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