Sunday, May 18, 2008

Another zero out of pocket CVS run Tide Stockup

I had another great CVS run today
bought 5 tides.....4.99 each =24.99
- 5( $1 tide hangtag coupon found on all bottles.)
One glucerna pack of shakes 10.49
-3/15 CRT
-4/20 coupon printable.
-$10 glucerna
=$12 paid from previous ECB's so paid a few cents for tax .Got a 5/25 CRT from it.

2nd run.

3 pampers wipes packages (clearanced for $4 each) -$3 MC each =$3 for all
3 aquafresh toothpastes 2.99 -$1 IP =$6
1-Tums quick pak $4.99 -2.25 IP= 2.75
-3/15 CRT
-4/20 coupon
Paid $5 in ECB plus tax got $14 in ECB back.

This was a great deal as I am fully stocked on Tide and wipes for the next 4-5mths!
the coupons for the wipes were coupons I got directly from pampers as I had got a tub of dried out wipes and had complained on the website.


Liz said...

Awesome deal! I need to load up on tide so I just may have to copy you on this one with a couple of variations with the cvs coupons of course. :)

kendra said...

Love your deals and your blog thanks !

Faerie Mom said...

So, does CVS let you use a 3/15 and a 4/20 on the same transaction?? Cool! I didn't know that. I thought it was only one per transaction.

Found you through Money Saving Mom.

nikarphar said...

I completly forgot about the glucerna shakes.My total was more $35 so the allowed me to use 2 coupons.thanks for bringing that to my attention!