Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Walmart Run today

Today was time for another good walmart run!
Got the following:

4 packs of Tyson Ready to make meals clearanced to $2.50 each -$2/1 coupon =50cents each

2 packs of organic chicken wings $2.49 -$2 peelies I found on larger packs so 50cents each.

2 packs of mushroom bites $2.50 for both

One pack of glucerna shakes $5.49 for DH (used $10 coupon i got from manufacterer .)

Total was $21 with tax

after coupon total was $1 which I paid with a gift card.

Not to bad for about 4 days of food!

I know this may sound like a lot of junk food but we hardly ever eat these kind of meals at home.I cook at home from scratch 6 days in a week despite having a Full time job .I just bought these for those emergency days as I do have to take bar exams in June and just don't have the time to cook sometimes :(


dgarman said...

Good luck with your bar exams!

Anonymous said...

Great job fellow bargain shopper!
~The Bargain Shopper Lady

Anonymous said...


I was wondering where you got the $2 coupons for the Tyson ready to make meals?



Rhonda in OK said...

except for the one package of mushroom bite, it all looks pretty healthy to me.
good job!

nikarphar said...

I got the coupons from Ebay some time ago and were about to expire.

The mushroom bites actually have about 2 gm of fat each so I guess they were not too bad.:)