Friday, May 30, 2008

My Great Target and CVS deals for today $30 in Gift Cards and $23 in ExtraCare Bucks

Today I had such fun at CVS and Target.Sometimes I wish everyday was like this!

First of All I'll talk about my CVS Deal This is what I got with Coupon links

3 Crest Vivid White (used 3,$3 coupons from a Proctor & Gamble promotion)so free
3 Huggies Pullups Mega Packs (these were $16.99 each as but I had a raincheck for them ,they were adjusted to 9.99 each)
3 CVS allergy Meds $9 for all
One CVS tissue Box $1.79
One FreeStyle Monitor for 9.99 (rang up as $20 and was adjusted down so I used a coupon for free monitor )
also used a
4/20 printable
5/15 receipt coupon (as my total was pretty big they allowed it.)
-$6 in Huggies Pullup printables (see for this coupon)
also got a gallon of milk $4.29

Total was $85 before adjustments
After coupons $36
Used $35 in Extracare bucks
Got $23 back in Extracare bucks.
Paid $1 out of Pocket.


I think I has the most fun at Target today. Got $30 back in Target gift cards and paid $15 from a previous Target gift card so out of pocket was zero!
This is what I got

6 perfect 10 haircolors. .$11.99 each (used buy one get one free x3 from the past PG insert, also used $5 Target perfect 10 coupon on each,my store takes expired coupons till 30days past so please no angry comments accusing me of fraud!! )

One Bob the builder Vtech Laptop clearanced for $4 .(You might wanna look out for this originally $20)
Archers Farms Pomegranate Juice $1
2 bertolli meals clearanced to $3 each (used $2.50 each from
2 pack of Scrubbing Bubbles shower cleaner $7 (used $7 coupon on any cleaner ,that I got directly from SC Johnson)
Carnation Instant Breakfast $3 on sale (used $2 coupon printable)
One glucerna pack $7 on sale (used $10 coupon that I traded for so got $3 overage)
2 Purnina Kitty Chow packs $2 each (used $4 coupon printable also traded for) so got $4 overage as it is for any size
One reynold foil on clearance $1 each used $1 coupon so free.

Total out of Pocket was $15
Got $30 back in Gift cards from the perfect 10 deal (it is buy one get $5 gift card) I did 2 of them in one transaction so had to do 3 different ones to get all of them

I wish everyday was like this!


Anonymous said...

Great job at CVA and Target! I'm bummed about my Target -- they put in a new system that won't allow you to use a coupon if it's over the amount of the item -- they can't even mark the coupon down to the item price! :( So I won't be spending so much time there anymore. Hope it's not a countrywide thing.
Thanks for your fun posts!

Luv2Shop said...

Great job!