Sunday, May 25, 2008

My Nice CVS trip Free Nexxus,Cat Food Pediasure

I had a nice trip on Thursday at CVS
Got the following

3 Purina Cat Chow bags @ $4.25 each (on clearance)
One Container $2.50 ..Clearance price!
1 pediasure ( 6.25 clearance price )
One FreeStyle Monitor (got it to donate and keep the extracarebucks for myself :))
4 Nexxus products mostly shampoos (I've heard they are awesome for dry hair)

Total was around $65

Out of Pocket was around $1.25 + $20 in Extracare bucks.

Got $30 back in Extracare bucks (From Nexxus and glucose monitor)


I have been getting numerous emails asking me how I have been doing these deals so I decided to post details every time for newbies to help make them understand.

used the following coupons.

3-$4 Purina Cat Chow coupons .Link to print coupon below You have to answer 10 quetions then they will allow you to print one.hit back and print another one

One Pediasure $4 coupon ( I got this one from Ebay a long time ago)

One $10 Freestyle monitor coupon (These are found on the CVS pharmacy counter around the monitors)

4 Nexxus Coupons for $1 each (These were printable coupons that are not available anymore:( )

after using $20 in extracare bucks I paid $1.25 cash and got back $20 in extracare bucks.

Hope this helps newbies!
If you don't know what are extracarebucks do a google search and you can see details about these.Basically these are like cash at the CVS store and you can buy whatever you like with them.

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